branching out logoTilles Center Presents Branching Out

Branching Out is an original work of sensory-immersive theater with music, created by Tilles Center for the Performing Arts, specifically designed for individuals on the autism spectrum and those who may have limited movement, sensory and/or complex communication needs.

This multi-sensory theatrical experience is about a journey through the four seasons.

The production is an intimate experience for small audiences of twenty people per performance. Tickets for the public are now available for the February 18, 2023 performances.
Tickets for groups and schools are currently sold out. 


Program Highlight: Sensory Immersion Theater

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Original Co-creators

Madeline Calandrillo

Lyle Cogen

Elise May

Nina Moran

Elizabeth Trimm

Stephanie Turner

Preparing for Branching Out

Hello Friends! We can’t wait to welcome you to Branching Out

Step 1: Social Story Video

Please be sure to watch the video with everyone who will attend the show with you!

Watch Video

View our 1-page social story

Step 2. Music

Please listen to the three original Branching Out songs (links below). We hope it will help you sing and dance along with us at the show!

Welcome Song

Reasons for the Seasons

Opening Seasons

Step 3: Discuss the four seasons

Discuss the four seasons before coming to the show. Decide which of the four seasons is your favorite, and why!

Step 4: Read our Note to Parents, Teachers & Caregivers.

Dear Parents, Teachers and/or Caregivers,

We welcome all neuro-typical and neuro-divergent audiences to Branching Out. Freedom of expression is encouraged!

This is a “non-shushing” show!

Some of our guests may want to vocalize, move around and sing along, while others may need to leave and go with a Nature Guide and caregiver to our “quiet space”. All choices are acceptable.

Please alert a staff member if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for joining us!

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Arts Education Programs are made possible, in part, by the Gilbert and Rose Tilles Endowment for Arts Education. Additional funding provided by The Barbara Bell Cumming Charitable Trust and Sandra L. and Steven P. Harris.
Sensory Friendly Initiatives are sponsored, in part, by The Fay J. Lindner Foundation and The Theresa Foundation.