Show Policies & Procedures
Attending a Student Matinee Performance

Attending a Student Matinee Performance

For shows in the Concert Hall, your class will be joined by up to 1,600 other students. For shows in the Krasnoff Theater, your class will be joined by up to 500 other students.

Arrival and Departure

  • Plan to arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the show.
  • Performances cannot be held for late buses.
  • LIU Post Public Safety will direct buses to parking areas.
  • Remain seated on the bus until instructed to unload.

Entering the Theater & Seating (IMPORTANT!)

  • Upon entering the theater, ushers will direct students and teachers to sit row by row.
  • Please note that your students will be seated in the order which they enter the building. Groups from your school may be seated separately from one another throughout the theater with a chaperone. We ask that at least one chaperone is assigned to every 15 students (grades Pre-K-5) and one chaperone to every 30 students (grades 5-12).
  • We recommend that a teacher or chaperone sit at the end of each row of students in the theater.
  • Please allow ushers to seat your group in its entirety before making adjustments within the row. This allows us to continue seating groups that arrive after you.
  • Once the entire group is seated you may rearrange students in new seats and use the restrooms.
  • Schools are not allowed to change their seats.
  • All students must be supervised by a teacher at all times including when going to the restroom – high school students are no exception.

Enjoy the Show

So that everyone can enjoy the performance:

  • There is no food or drink permitted in the theater or lobby areas.
  • Photography and audio/video recording are not permitted during the performance.
  • Please turn off (or leave behind) all electronic devices, including cell phones, portable games, cameras and recording equipment. Keep them off for the entire performance. The devices may interfere with the theater’s sound system as well as being disruptive to both the audience and the actors. And please – no texting or checking messages during the show!
  • In the theater, talking, eating and moving around disturbs the performers and other members of the audience.
  • If something in the show is meant to be funny, go ahead and laugh!
  • Please do not leave and re-enter the theater during the performance.
  • There is no intermission; visit the restroom prior to the start of the show. Performances generally run 50-60 minutes.


Safety is critical during dismissal. We thank you for your patience as our staff will take the time to excuse each group by school and see that every guest exits the parking lot in a safe and efficient manner.


Arts Education Programs are made possible, in part, by the Gilbert and Rose Tilles Endowment for Arts Education.
Additional funding for our programs in Kindergarten through 12th grade schools provided by: The Barbara Bell Cumming Charitable Trust, Sandra L. and Steven P. Harris, Salvatore and Mary Ranieri, and Bethpage Federal Credit Union.